Some Observations

So, you all know about my quite unsuccessful foray into the online dating scene.  If there’s a disaster to be found, I can find it.  I still am not sure what exactly I think I’m doing here.

At any rate, I am learning quite a lot.  Actually, it has made me ask a lot of questions.

Let’s start with profile pictures.  A lot of men like to fish.  I get that.  I even enjoy casting a line myself once in awhile.  But, I have seen more fish in the past couple of weeks than I have seen in a lifetime.  I have to ask myself if these guys walk around with their fish pictures in the wallets, ready to flip them out to show their potential date.  Or worse yet, do they stuff their trophy fish and take them on their dates?

And then, we have motorcycles.  Again, I like them.  But really guys, do you really think a woman is going to be more interested in seeing your bike than your face?  I don’t know.  Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I like to know who I am speaking to.

And, if you can believe it, I’ve seen many photos where the guys are covered, and I mean covered in mud.  I suppose I’m supposed to come to the conclusion they like to four wheel it through mud?  I don’t know.  I’m a little lost on that one too.

I wonder. if they went to my profile and I had pictures of my makeup, blow dryer and Bath and Body shower gels, if they would find it appealing.

Moving away from the photos, I’ve discovered a huge theme with men  these days.  There are too many to count that state “No drama.”  No drama?  What exactly does that mean? I don’t think I have drama in my life, but I do have a life.  And life as I’ve always known it has it’s ups and downs.  Is that drama?  What about when my car breaks down and I have to stretch things very thin to pay for it.  Is that drama?  I have kids.  They have drama.  But does that mean I have drama?  I’m divorced.  Does that mean I have drama, even though it was 20 years ago?

Things sure are different these days.  I guess I’m too old for this “dating” stuff.

Shine On!




Author: jillymaddy

I'm a 50's something single mom of two special needs kids that I adore to the moon and back. This is my story of our highs and lows.

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