So Far, I’m Surviving

I got a fairly good start on the girls room yesterday.  My body doesn’t exactly agree this morning as rarely used muscles are screaming.

I took a slow start to the day.  I always enjoy catching up with friends when I’m not pressured for time or have an extra set of listening ears.  It helped ease my way into the process of getting the girl ready to move.

Entering her domain is always a scary ordeal.  The boy is OCD and while I may not like the way he organizes his room, it’s usually quite tidy and he can find anything at the drop of the hat.  Not so with the girl.  She could care less about the appearance of her room or the functionality of it.  Trust me when I tell you, there’s no rhyme or reason to anything, no matter how many times I try to teach her to organize things or I go in to do it myself.

I went in with a box of extra large Hefty bags, my phone and my music.  Through the years, I’ve learned the louder the music, the more I get done.  Martha (the cat) even joined me.  Once she plops on the bed amid the ginormous pile of stuffed animals, it’s often hard to find her, she blends in so well.

I decided to start “easy” so I took on the book case.  Mind you, this book case holds a few books, garbage, stuffed animals (you will find them in every crevice of her room) dolls, games, garbage, remote controls, movies, garbage and CD’s.  Did I mention garbage? There were many DVD’s and CD’s that needed to be reunited with their cases.

Next, I worked on unearthing the tops of her cedar chest and dresser.  These two areas are the most taxing for me as I find lots of little items like jewelry and coins.  I’m always afraid I’ll toss something that is important to her.  I also had to dive under the bed as she stores some of her “most prized” possessions under it.  I shuddered as I took my first peek.  Thankfully, other than clearing a few things out of storage containers so the lids would shut, it wasn’t as bad as expected.

I couldn’t avoid it any longer.  The closet.  The dreaded closet!  I consider myself very fortunate when I can open the door with a fair amount of ease. I began on the floor.  I had almost forgotten there was carpet in there!  By viewing all of the things that seemed to be floating in mid air, I was reminded that she has a nice, long shelf in there.  It was the next thing I tackled.

By the end of my first round, I had complied two bags of garbage and one bag of items to donate.  Oh, and three loads of laundry from items I found throughout the room. The next thing I feared was the girl coming home and asking to check the bags!  I quickly dragged the garage bag to the garage and set the donation bag off to a less conspicuous place.

I was upstairs folding the first load of clothes when she arrived home.  I immediately heard her yelling “Mom! Where are you?”  I answered that I was up in my room.  She then yelled “You better not be in my room!”  Ut oh. I was in trouble.  She rushed up the stairs and into my room.  Before she could verbally assault me, I sweetly asked her to go get her jewelry so she could sort through that on my bed.  Whew. It worked!  She gladly complied!

We probably spent a good 90 minutes working side by side as she lectured me on my loud music.  It’s funny, it’s never loud when it’s her music!  Anyway, we got two more bags of garbage and two more bags to donate.  Not bad for the first go round!  More to come.

Now, if anyone would like to volunteer to give me a neck and shoulder rub, I wouldn’t complain…

Shine On!


****Update:  As I was typing, she came down with another bag of items to donate!  All on her own!  Without being asked!  Be still my breaking heart!


Author: jillymaddy

I'm a 50's something single mom of two special needs kids that I adore to the moon and back. This is my story of our highs and lows.

One thought on “So Far, I’m Surviving”

  1. I’m a huge advocate of using humor to deal with some difficult situations and you do that very thing! I can visualize the entire job you did…and what a big job it was.
    I’m happy that everything seems to have turned the corner for you.


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